School History


                  Paez Intergrated School was established in 1945 as an annex of Lakandula Elementary school consisting of only two classes in the first grade. Soon, Lakandula Elementary School- Balut, Annex was called T. Paez Elementary School. The school was named in honor of the demised Timoteo Paez, a philanthropist and a former councilor of Manila.

      The growing population in Balut clamored for more rooms and buildings, therefore, Mr. Isidro Yanson and Mrs. Valentin initiated to study the situation in 1972. With that, the construction of T. Paez elementary and secondary level was led by Mrs. Constancia D. Oanes. Hence, it was called Timoteo Paez Integrated Pilot School.

      TPIS was headed by Mrs. Oanes as the Principal, Mrs. Remedios Tizon and Mrs. Virginia Reyes, Assistant Principals of the Elementary Level and Mrs. Priscilla Sera Josep, Department Head of Filipino and Officer-in-Charge in the secondary level. In December of 1972, T. Paez Integrated Pilot School had its official Tagalog and English Newspaper “Ang Pahatid” and “T. Paez Echo”.

      Meanwhile, Vocational and HE department heads continued where one department head supervised both elementary and secondary high school teachers of the said subject. The same arrangement began in 1977-1978 for MAPEH classes from grades I-IV. Because of the favorable feedbacks, the proposal aimed to work out on the following areas: Social Studies, Filipino, English, Vocational, Home Economics, Guidance and Counselling Services, Adult and Community Education, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Library Services.

      The other principals who gave devotion for the enhancement of our beloved school were Dr. Lourdes Timario, 1976-1979; Mr. Nestor Galang, 1979-1980; Mrs. Virginia Reyes, 1980-1984; Dr. Rosario Saludades, 1984- 1988; Mr. Leon San Miguel, 1988- 1989; Dr. Eloisa Carbon, 1989- 1990; Mr.Discoro Vasquez, 1992- 1993 ; and Mr. Pablo D. Aseoche Jr., 1993- 1994.

      Under the administration of Dr. Cristina C. Reyes, T. Paez received the trophy of being the Cleanest High School in the Division of Manila. It was also during her time when the T. Paez Multi-purpose Cooperative was established.

      Mrs. Wenifrida Lagman, continued to enhance T. Paez Integrated School. The school covered court was constructed under her leadership through the support of Sen. Genaro Magsaysay.

The Junior – Graft watch unit was launched under Dr. Priscilla H. Rillo’s reign from 1991-2001 which was the project of the Office of the Ombudsman. The first Alumni Homecoming of T. Paez was also held during her time.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Carmencita Macatangay, 2001–2003, envisioned the mural painting in front of the school. She also started the renovation of the school buildings.

      The Assumption to the office of Mrs. Aurora T. Reoma gave much progress to T. Paez.  The wide renovation of school campus and grotto happened in her tutelage. The installation of  fiber glass basketball board which was funded by Congressman Ernesto “Banzai” Nieva  was made possible under her term. Not only that, the main event of the year is when Anthony de Leon, school valedictorian was chosen as boy Mayor of Manila.

      In year 2006, Mrs. Flora A. Valdez presumed the office. She led the improvement of the auditorium and renovation of the male and female comfort rooms of the Science Building. Her major accomplishments were; widening of the stage and the relocation of the central stairs of the Administration Building. The school fence was elevated and the grotto was improved once more. She also inaugurated the first Internet Café in the school.

2008 became a new beginning of T. Paez when Mr. Gene T. Pangilinan took over the leadership in T. Paez. He was known as “ The Builder” for he spearheaded the constructions of Phase I, II and Admin Buildings.

In year 2009, building II was declared condemned, followed by the administration building. With the two buildings obsolete, classes were held at the covered court. Meanwhile, MAPEH building was constructed through the help of Sen. Manny Villar. Months after, the construction of Building II started. Also, with the help of the Alumni of T. Paez, the restroom in the Science Building was renovated and a shed in front of the said building was erected.

Mr. Pangilinan’s departure was least expected but all endings mark new beginnings. Dr. Imelda M. Mendez, the new principal was welcomed with all hopes high. The school’s hope never ended in vain. It is in her third month in December 2011, when a Paezian became the acting mayor of Manila in the Annual Celebration of the Boys and Girls Week. Danielle Mae Lao became the girl-mayor of Manila ruled alongside with Hon. Alfredo S. Lim. It was also during Dr. Mendez’ time when she signed a two-year agreement with the US government through the US Embassy regarding the English Access Micro Scholarship Program to 60 student- recipients.

These sixty (60) scholars received monthly assistance for books and instructional materials, transportation, snacks and enhancement activities. Likewise, the five (5) English teachers who taught English Language also receives monthly allowance. The US government budgeted an amount of $19, 364.82 for two years. It was still during Dr. Mendez’s time when four-storey buildings such as; Phase I and Phase II were turned over by the city government of Manila thru Mayor Alfredo S. Lim to DepEd Manila.

On July 2013 during  Dr. Felizardo’s reign, the four-storey building of Phase III was finished. Computer rooms were reconstructed and 50 units of computers were bought through local funds. It was the followed by the first regional demonstration teaching of a Master Teacher in Filipino. Dr. Felizardo’s reign ended with flying colors when TPIS ranked 6th place in the National Achievement Test out of 33 Secondary Schools in the Division of City Schools in Manila.

On August 4, 2014, TPIS, again, welcomed a new principal- Mr. Rodrigo G. Natividad who came from T. Alonzo High School. He is known for the mantra” Do good and be good!”

During his term, major transformation happened. He was the first principal of both Junior and Senior High School of T. Paez. The constructions of Senior High School Buildings, TLE Building and THE Building were made possible. It was also under his term that the school was able to purchase the school van with the help of 2017-2018 GPTA Officers and Faculty Club Officers