Mission, Vision and Core Values

             A haven for Tondo youth which nurtures students’ full potentials equipping life-long learning skills supportive to community and nation’s development which enhances Filipino character as tool in being dynamic participants to global interdependence.

          Continuously equip Paezians with the 21st Century Skillsby benchmarking through the use of information technology and with strong adherence to values which promotes holistic development and productive citizens of the world.

Develop and nurture reliable citizenry who will be an active agent of change for social transformation.

Inculcate the value of having a good judgement and being furturistics as well as possessing provident care for resources to enable individual survival and success endeavor

Promote awareness of responsibility and conformity to good governance

Produce graduates who are globallt competitive through benchmarking in local and global standard

Enhance passion for serving by offering God’s gift for the benefit of fellow men